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A Touch of Stone is a network of skilled craftsmen and devoted artists to guarantee well made, well presented and ethically sound pieces of artwork. You will find everything you need in-house; a good understanding of cultures, strong connections to the art scene and empathy for the people we are serving. . The artwork you receive is one of a kind in its beauty – it is produced by putting a variety of media and everybody’s individual strengths and your interaction together. . We ensure that the artwork you receive is one of a kind in its beauty. We do this by putting a variety of media and everybody’s individual strengths together with your interaction to produce your work.
memorial mason stephan . memorial mason stephan
Stephan Roess

Painter / Illustrator


Bachelor in Information Technologies Bachelor in Economics Stonemason

Hi, I am Stephan. I find inspiration in the arts and in nature. I absolutely love being on my own drawing the whole day long and come up with more and more shapes and ideas during this process. A talent is something that is gifted to you – every day that you are not using it, is a day going to waste. Stone, metal and wood are all blessings from mother earth. They are there, ready to be transformed in something beautiful. This is what I do and cherish.
memorial mason susanne . memorial mason susanne
Susanne Rauth-Roess

Sculptor / Gemstone carver


Master Stonemason

Hi, I am Susanne. I come from a family of stonemasons in Austria. I started training when I was 15 years old and was supervised by my father, who was the head of the stonemason’s guild in Tyrol at the time. Learning my craft in such an inspiring environment ensured that I received an initmate insight and knowledge. I finished the mason’s school in Salzburg as a master craftsman at the age of 24.
glyptic sam . glyptic sam
Sam Wilkinson

Gemstone carver / Sculptor

Art Consultant

Diploma of Visual Art and Design

Sam Wilkinson has specialised in carving a multitude of media including wood, leather and for the last eighteen years gemstones and indigenous hardstones. Over the years Sam has built up a widely accepted reputation in the rare art of the glyptic (gemstone carving). He has exhibited overseas for the last eighteen years including locations such as New York, Chicago, the New Zealand Embassy in Washington, Munich, London and Australia. Sam now lives and works in Hastings with his wife and two sons.
glyptic sam . dave
Dave Goodin

Carver / Sculptor


Diploma of Visual Art and Design

Dave is a carver/sculptor with 26 years experience, and has studied visual art and design in New Zealand and Italy. He spent 14 years tutoring in 3D sculpture at EIT, Napier, spending some time living and exhibiting in the UK in the mid 1990s. From late 2000 until the end of 2006, Dave used his creative talents and energies firstly, heading the Miniature Greens Department at Weta Workshop in Wellington, then working for Peter Jackson's company in the Wairarapa, on various projects. Dave's film credits include the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, King Kong, and Zorro II.
pounamu carver aaron . pounamu carver aaron
Aaron Greaves

Greenstone Carver


Diploma in Jade and Hardstone Carving

Aaron was born in Hastings and has trained under Sam Wilkinson since 1997 also spending two years carving on the West Coast South Island. Aaron is holding a Maori Arts degree and his whakapapa goes back to Ngati Raukawa and has connections to Ngati Toa. He draws his influence from traditional Maori works but also looks abroad to contemporary art directions. He lives in Hastings with his wife, son and a daughter.
Most of our methods and experience come directly from Europe, where our master stonemasons are trained in generations-old techniques as well as contemporary methods of working stone. The title of a master stonemason can only be granted by the Guild of Stonemasons whose roots go back to the middle ages and the men who built the great cathedrals of Europe.
Sculpting a woman in a korowai

Sculpting a woman in a korowai

Chisseling a headstone

Running the pneumaic chissel

To receive the title of master stonemason, one must: .

- Apprentice for at least three years under a master stonemason
- Pass a series of technical exams, including knowledge of architecture, engineering and geology
- Create a hand-chiselled sculpture showing a range of techniques and necessary expertise in fine stone carving
- Practice as a journeyman for 3 years studying areas such as the chemistry of stone, sculpture and technical building specifications.
Retrieving a natural boulder from the river

Lifting a natural boulder out of the river

Polishing marble

Polishing work

Milling of an Amphibolite

We guarantee expert craftsmanship in all we do and take pride in providing the highest quality of service and work.
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