Headstone Inscriptions & Headstone Epitaphs

Finding a good headstone inscription for your loved ones is not an easy task. The inscription has to be suitable for the person, witty, on the point and have a good message. In order to make finding a suitable headstone epitaph easier, we have gathered some ideas for you here.

General Ideas and Subjects for Headstone Inscriptions

  • Song Texts
  • Book excerpts, Quotes from movies…
  • Quote from the person
  • Poem
  • Relationship Description (Family, Aunt, Grandmother, Grandfather, Mother, Father, Son…)
  • Bible passage / Bible excerpts
  • Sayings

Some common headstone inscriptions / epitaphs

  • Rest in peace
  • Sadly missed
  • Gone from home but not from our hearts
  • We miss you
  • Life is not forever. Love is
  • Sleeping with the angels
  • Rest in peace
  • In loving memory
  • In affectionate remembrance of / In loving remembrance of
  • Eternally loved
  • Cherished memories of
  • A tender mother / father a faithful friend

Non-Religious Headstone Inscriptions

Religios Headstone Inscriptions

About Headstone Inscriptions

Inscriptions in headstones have a very long history. Basically since there were headstones, something like epitaphs have been inscribed on them. In different parts of the world headstones have been around for centuries or even ages. In the beginnings often graves were not marked at all, during time lillte markers have been added. Later on the headstone inscriptions started with simply stating the name of the person. As time passed the epitaphs become more elaborate.